Lawrence Barraclough, Director, Up Close Films

"Andy is one of the very few editors I trust completely. He, not only follows a brief to the letter, but brings so much else to whatever project he is working on. He has technical skills and creativity in abundance and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to experience what it is like to work with a real professional."

Kate Myers, Producer, Fabtastic Films / HERO MEDIA

"Andy is an exceptional editor who works across the genres. He has a rare combination of speed, creativity, technical nous and storytelling. Influenced by fine art, some of Andy’s most interesting work plays with layers of multi-media to unique effect. He takes inspiration from music, film, architecture, design and more and this keeps his work fresh. Andy is growing in strength as a director and his editing background has given him a strong foundation to build on. I highly recommend him."

Sara Beckman, Producer, rushes post production

I have worked with Andy several times. He is a great editor. Quick, precise and great with clients. Easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend Andy.

Lee Bryan Creative Producer, rushes post production

Andy is an exceptional editor with an eye and intuition for narrative story telling. I have worked with Andy over the past few years and he has been a number of things to me on each occasion. Most notable from a producer's perspective; a voice which I trust, a crucial requirement at the pre-production and offline stage. He is efficient, organised, timely and has the ability to manage multiple deliverables which are forever changing throughout the expected workload. I really appreciate Andy's honesty when we work together and he has great reference that he always brings to the table. He also knows how to handle himself within an environment of creatives, client's, vfx artists and Director's and understands all processes being a film maker himself. I highly recommend Andy for future film related projects.

Chris Crow, Director 'Panic Button'

"I found Andy to be a massively talented, multi skilled individual who was able to demonstrate extremely professional, dedicated and competent skills throughout. Andy can think on his feet, he works well within a team and as an individual, he’s incredibly personable, kind and as I’ve already stressed both dedicated and very talented."

JS THORNTON, Musician, leading member of band Man Ray Sky

"Andy is a great collaborator - he is sensitive enough to understand our aesthetic, he is skilled enough to always do a great job, and he is professional enough to always be prompt and reliable. Three things which are hard to come by and a real blessing in the often chaotic creative industry! Highly recommended!"