My films often alternate between narrative, story driven work and abstract, expressive work. I follow my instincts, I know what I like but I’m open to where it will take me. Whether I’m searching through video archives, collaborating with writers or actors, or experimenting with abstractions of light, to me it is all the same process of discovery. My starting points are varied, sometimes it’s a technique I want to try out, sometimes it’s a competition I’ve entered, sometimes it’s a theme I want to examine.

I’m comfortable in the abstract realm, to me it’s a more open form of communication and leaves space for personal interpretation. Working in a fluid away, I often use a range of techniques to break down the filmic image, such as painting or scratching on film or distorting the image by shooting through custom lenses and found objects. The results of chance and the accidental are key elements of what drives me to continue to experiment. I enjoy the creation process, that's why I’m making stuff all the time, to some extent it doesn’t matter what it is. I learn from doing and I want to push myself. Ideas form as I create and in turn I hope my work sparks ideas for someone else.

My films have featured in screenings, exhibitions and film festivals worldwide, including London Short Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, and BBC Music Video Festival. I have performed live VJ and expanded cinema performances at various venues across the UK including at Latitude, White Night and Great Escape Festivals.


Director currently filming in short films, music videos and online content.

Previous work has screened at festivals including London Short Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, East End Film Festival, Canarias Media Festival, BBC Music Video Festival.


Editor for commercials, online content, short and feature films, documentaries, and music videos.

I have a high level of technical understanding, excellent storytelling skills, a passion for cutting and I am able to interpret a client’s creative vision whilst contributing ideas of my own to any project.

Previous work has included Youtube, Walt Disney World, Vauxhall, Nissan and Vodafone and I have worked on TV programmes for channels including BBC, C4, ITV2 and Discovery.

I cut on Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.