A fiery, impassioned painter vigorously gets the end of the world out of their system.

Short film produced for an anthology feature film called ‘The Impact’, where 50 short films are being cut into a feature film. The short films tie together with a single global incident of an asteroid colliding with the Earth, and as people all over the Earth look into the face of death with certainty, what would they choose to do in their last few hours?

Find out more at: https://www.impact50film.com


Painter Carmina Bernhardt

Radio News Presenter Dane Scott


Director Andy Sowerby

Writer Steve Wrench

Cinematographer Jan Vrhovnik

Camera Assistant Kash Khan

Camera Assistant Rafael Sadi

Equipment provided by OWN Productions

Production Artist Gemma Kauffman

Audio Post Production Noise Four

Sound Designer James Walker

Colourist Nick Scott

Original score produced by Graham Sowerby

Composed by Nicole Hogstrand, Adam Grauman & Graham Sowerby